Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years !!!!

You may be far, you may be near,
Always towards you & your loved ones my wishes steer,

The year bygone is one to remember,
Smiles or Tears that leave you in wonder,

Successes and a failures few,
Turn you into a person anew ,

With family and friends every moment to share,
Even in the middle of nowhere, no matter how you fare,

Sharing our lives through pictures and words,
Flying back and forth like colorful birds,

Wishes for triumphant days,
Comfort in a gray phase,

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Festivals, New borns,
A bad day, a nightmare, bad news, feelings forlorn,

All come to a happy conclusion,
When no one is left in seclusion,

Once again love and prayers flow around the world,
Like the sight of flaming baton twirled,

Hoping for new happiness to come along your way,
More smiles and prosperity, as you walk through the 2009 archway,

Good health, More wealth, Greener pastures & Things of beauty,
Loads of love, Abundant blessings for desires coming true and content harmony.

Happy New Year to One and ALL !!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alive or Asleep : Wake UP !!

If seeing is to believe,
How can we ignore,
The world is falling part,
Street by rotting street ...

There are those young and lost,
Walking on paths of fire and blood,
Pointless, thoughtless, morbid motives,
The ruthless leading the cloaked ...

Ruining all that stands in their way,
Destroying hopes and faiths,
After the clouds settle down,
All that's left are ashes ...

The rest are blind,
To everything not right,
No action is taken,
And that too is a choice ...

Words are bandied about,
Funny, frustrated, infuriated,
Finding faults with all in sight,
Empathy gets masked in doubt ...

Hurricanes of ignorance,
Earthquakes of hatred,
Volcanoes of violence,
Bring destruction through wars ...

What is one to do, we ask ,
Besides living our idyllic lives,
Maybe more acceptance of different,
Strong intolerance for the injustice ...

Communication with open minds,
Lighting one candle at a time,
Rain of fires put out by flames of love,
Bringing peace back into our hearts ...

If only it were that easy,
To practice religion and morality,
Two pillars that are now unsteady,
In our faithless,failing society ...

For there is no God or Reason,
That makes killing another true,
Lines becoming so hazy,
In this world already so divided by dialects ...

A prayer escapes my lips each days,
As I see images that leave me dispirited,
For all those lives alive and asleep,
May you wake up in a better world tomorrow,
Or may This life be an awakening dream ...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Candlelight Dinners ...

To any eye that gandered,
It was clear as tears,
In a vortex of sensations,
They were oblivious to peers.

Looking across at her radiance,
He once again ponders,
Why in this way,
This heart thunders.

Why was it,
her gaze so sweet,
Turned his cold heart,
Into a sahara washed with sleet.

Her twinkling eyes,
Shone in contest with his,
Each smile on his lips,
Brought more to hers.

Conversation flowed,
From melancholic to amorous,
Remembrances of times gone by,
And questions yet unanswered.

The candle between them,
Burned with their passion,
Their fingers touched lightly,
With the promise of devotion.

Thus enveloped in their love,
Absorbed within an blissful blaze,
Gathering heartfelt cheers from a few,
And longing looks that wished a way into
this wondrous maze.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Har lamha, har din ...

Har lamha yeh sochta hai dil,
Gumsum pal woh anjaane se aaye aur chale gaye,
Itni khushi hai ab zindagi me,
Lagta hai yun ansoon mere tere raston ko
dhundkar muskaan ban gaye ...

Ab har din teri muskurahaton ke daman me guzre,
Tere aangan se haseen palon ka karvaan guzre,
Teri ankhon se chamak yuhin bikhare,
Dua yahi rahe humare sapnon ke mahal se kabhi na
koi tufaan guzre ...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seesaw of Life !!

Oscillating between joy and sorrow,
A new life for every life in the balance,
Celebrations of extreme happiness,
And then moments that leave you hollow ...

A cloud of gray hovering in blue skies,
Silver linings defining the reasons,
Of the existence of tears,
From the ashes anew arise ...

Afflictions make us stronger,
Making us skillful sailors,
Navigating through volatile seas,
Bringing us to our happily ever after ...

Whatever the rationalization,
The truth remains,
Each day is a trial of sorts,
Each a pearl in a string of zillion ...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Matters not ...

Kneel down or fold your hands,
Five times a day or talk to God on your own,
Wear a wedding band or some vermilion,
Celebrate a festival or have a party,
Burst a few crackers or dance a while,
Take a blessing or take heartfelt wishes,
Live traditionally or make your own way,
Matters not in the end,
Be truthful, be good, be kind,
Believe in a bright hope & the divine,
Respect all around you & the goodness in each heart,
Cherish all that saves us from falling apart ...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Now that you've gone ...

Are you here around me,
Holding me as I sway?
Your memories a part of me,
Turning my nights into day ...

Were we ever together,
or was it all a mirage?
A few seconds or was it years,
It seems just a beautiful facade ...

Now you're gone & I'm still here,
Making sense of days flown away,
Touching all that's left behind,
Fearing d solitary moments on my way ...

But I won't let you down,
Will brave them all with heartfelt smiles,
So in time when we meet again,
I'll have more tales to amuse you with;
as we walk across the skies ...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Them and or US !

They see things differently,
But are we any better,
Is it so bad,
not reading or writing a letter?

Everyone is unique,
A reason to exist for us all,
They why is it that we can't
Get over our self built walls?

When we run and hide,
Behind fear or prejudice,
Is it for them or us,
On distance we exist?

They overcome barriers each day,
Each step forward is a miracle,
Then in actuality isn't it true,
It is US that are ignorant?

Empathy above sympathy,
A pinch of patience n love,
Wouldn't it just be easier,
To just accept all that come from above ?

Dedicated to all those suffering from disabilities like autism, dyslexia ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A memory remembered ...

Lost in time n space,
All I need is a loving embrace,
To know that I matter,
In one way or another...

The need to live,
To mean rather than exist,
A safe haven that's just my own,
Feelings that will not disown...

Remember a word I said,
A few lines that I pen,
A gesture, an action that was just me,
Something that stands out in this faceless sea...

Living endlessly in a hopeful light,
Being the best that I can be each day,
Not a legend or a Name to be,
Just a kind or loving memory ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Promise of Presence

Tears fell down her face
Sitting on a lonely staircase
Thinking of her world falling apart
Of where she had gone wrong from the start
The moon then peeked thru the dark clouds
Lighting her with it's balmy beams
In came the winds gently making her shiver
And she felt a serene whisper
" Never fear, dear
I'll always be near
You will never be alone
Even if the world turns to stone . "

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magical Moments

Is magic out there ?
Sure it is .
Not just in ghosts n witches,
Or myths or superstitions .
But in the tiny seconds
When Your heart skips a beat
In the smile of a child
Vistas of the world
A dew drop on a petal
An oasis in a desert
A twinkling smile
Two hearts beating as one
A gentle touch, a strong shoulder
A vivid rainbow, of colors or feelings
Words unsaid that mean much more
Answers found by a lost soul
All sights to behold
Till there are moments
That touch our very core
There is magic all around ...
For what we don't know for sure
We let our imaginations run wild
Hoping against hope of the truth or falsity
And there will possibilities divine
Of miscellaneous adventures to unfold ...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rationalizing My Birthday Glee ... :D

The smiles, the tears,
The lessons, the fears,
The love, the friendships,
The new, the hardships,
All wrapped into a a day to reminisce and rejoice !
To be thankful to God and hear His Voice.
In every day miracles, caring of people close,
In fond memories that time has froze,
In the beautiful sights,
Beyond all divides ...

This is not just another day,
It's a milestone in life's way..
Marking the journey ,
That one We are on daily.
Changing the mundane into cheer,
Wishes from all those far and near,
Gifts of love, gifts of kind,
Endowments of blessings divine,
Bringing sweetness in all fashions,
A vivid rainbow of emotions.

Elation grows as the day grows,
With the anticipation that flow,
Another year of fresh memories & hope,
Novel,exciting challenges to cope,
Another year to grow,
new wishes to sow,
Another chance,
To hum to life's intricate motif,
With a little panache, a little mischief ...

With all that these 24 hours bring,
Isn't it natural to leap with a zing,
To be glad just to be alive,
For all that we have and for which we strive,
Through our travels through time and space,
Our Life , in our own ways commemorate ...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Magic of Dreams ....

Close your eyes take a ride,
Go beyond far and wide,
Troll the lands, take a leap,
Fly a while, go in deep...

For every thought that baffles your mind,
For every moment you cannot rewind,
Paint a canvas, change your world,
A few bold strokes, a mighty swirl ...

Where air is fire and sea is land,
No lost time, no urgent demands,
Only you, your thoughts, visions galore,
Venting fears and a few smiles more ...

Imagine tomorrow, make all wrongs right,
Believe in wishes with all your might,
For this is your cosmos, a journey of stars,
Reality means nothing, there are no wars ...

It's all yours to do what you will,
Turn and twist every little thrill ,
Find ways out for troubles that linger,
Pain goes away at the snap of a finger ...

A twitch, a fall, a random act,
All makes sense in this creation abstract,
You get lost, you find a way,
Blazing through the haze come what may ...

This universe exists for a few hours,
Like a parallel world which grants you all power,
Till dawn breaks and left only is a faint scent,
With renewed promise, into a fresh day you ascent ...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cherish ...

Cherish each moment of love,
Those gone by will never return,
Soft gestures are an innocent dove,
Soaring through life's diverse turns..

Only to leave behind memories,
To be held onto and ponder over,
Like pictures from your history,
To be framed and gander over..

You may not know it now,
But you will soon,
Every smile is a blessing from above,
And every tear is in disguise a boon ..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For My friend whose down and out ...

When you're down and out,
When a tear falls at every sound,
Nothing seems to be going right,
No one understands your plight,
Life seems to muddled,
Where you're headed is a riddle,
Take a deep breath and stand back,
Prioritize your worries in your mental rack,
Look at it from a diff. point of view,
Start afresh & try solutions new,
All problems have an answer,
Have faith in God's wonders,
And above all remember I'm right here,
With a shoulder that's safe all year,
Together we can work on all your worries,
Smile reminiscing, turn them all blurry,
We've done it before we can do it again,
Hold our own till another dark tunnel's end...

Friday, August 29, 2008

In a Land of New Unknowns ...

Far from the place where I was born,
With a new home to call my own,
Fascinated with all things new,
Avenues so clean, the sky so blue.

Life here is so proper and prim,
Not a feature seems wrinkled grim,
Calmly everyone leads their own lives,
Sparkled with appliances, no comfort denied.

New experiences sprinkled around,
Where adventures at every turn can be found,
Laws are strict and rules are obeyed,
Things are sure different from where I've stayed.

But the roads are dark and lonely at night,
The quiet sure gives me a fright,
Familiar faces seem to be wary,
This misplaced mistrust is a query.

Compatriots pass by with their heads held low,
I wonder who they are, where they go,
Finding a friendly smile is a rare occasion,
Acquaintances are made only by association.

Often, I yearn for my old and playful life,
Filled with confidantes, music and delight,
Nothing is the same even there I'm sure,
Time has a way of turning things over.

Slowly yet surely, I'm finding my niche,
Seasons will change and I'll re discover bliss,
The one thing missing from a perfect existence,
A clique of friends to remove this social decadence.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

For my Friend on Her Baby Shower

As we join to welcome this new addition,
Smilingly sending you off on your new mission.
Cute little fingers, cute little toes,
Will change you forever as the saying goes.
You'll be amazed at the joys abound,
Oohing and Aahing at every little sound.
As days pass by you will sigh,
Teaching your kid to say mom, dad, hello, hi.
Then one day you'll be trying very hard,
To get them to sit down and be smart.
Life will never be the same, but that's okay,
You'll build memories happy and gay.
With all the new tasks that you will face,
Your family will grow bonds that time can't erase.
Here's wishing you the best for all that and more,
As you pass through parenthood's door.
May you be blessed with all Life's miracles,
Patience, Wisdom, Strength needed to reach pinnacles.
New experiences does this new bundle of joy bring,
Adding love and laughter to everything ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brave Little Girl !!

Lost in space,
Sleepy in the race,
Drowsy little eyes,
Sleep ; don't cry,
Wakes up when moved,
Surrounded by lots of " coochi choo ",
Suddenly left for a while,
With familiar strangers who giggle and smile,
She looks on with bravado,
Where else Could she go,
Observing, Assessing, Noticing small things,
Every wave and snap those large hands bring,
Wondering silently where Mumma is,
" Why did she leave me alone like this,
Maybe she's gone to do something special,
Till that time I'll just keep myself neutral,
Maybe these people aren't so bad after all,
She's left me safe with these strangers tall,
I miss her so but they'll take care of me,
Only till she comes back you see,
There she is ! Oh what a relief,
These last few moments were like an endless reef,
But then I knew she'd always comes back,
My tears just show my love for the words I lack .... "

Friday, August 8, 2008


A child with an inquisitive mind,
Is like an endless ravine,
Hold it close and cherish it's words,
Consider no word absurd ,
For it is a person too,
With a heart that feels blue,
Remind it each day it's loved,
And everything it does brings repose,
Be kind, be sweet, say no profanity to admonish,
Respect it as it would your every wish,
A child is a hope for tomorrow,
A child is a dream with no sorrow,
They bring smiles all around,
It delights with every sound,
When they give so much more than get,
Wouldn't you want to never see their eyes wet ?!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love is all there is...

Love is what makes my world go round,
It's presence is ever lasting and profound,
Just when I turned and found it gone,
I rediscovered it with the rising dawn,
Each time I fell and found a new shattered piece,
I held onto faith there had to be more to this,
Hope for a better tomorrow got me a shining today,
Love is all that I hoped and more in every way,
Had I not known what love is , I've learnt in time,
Through all my sadness I've found the divine.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A bright morning ...

As the stars light up the night,
May the sun keep your morning bright,
Should the clouds choose to cover the sky ,
On my LovE you can rely,
May your day be blessed , not a moment blue ,
All hues of the rainbow surround you....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Morning !

When I wake up in the morning
And feel the day breaking in
All i want is to tell you
What a happy mood I'm in

Feel the rhythm in my body
And dance is all I want do
I feel the day the day will bring me sunshine
For its another day with you ... :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's love really like ?

I think of you all day,
You grace my thoughts before i sleep,
I dream of you every night,
All your memories cherished i keep...

I thought love was for a day or two,
Never standing long in one heart or place ,
Then came along a love so simple ,
That guides me through this torrid maze ...

Long ago when i was alone ,
Holding in my own in the night,
I dreamt of a love so profound,
That would light my heart sparkling bright ...

I searched in vain , abandoned my hopes .
And then i found thee and lo and behold,
All my dreams and all my wishes stand true today ,
Art love like this ? oh yes ! I'm told ...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Complete me...

I was self sufficient,
gratified by my independence,
alone, but not lonely,
I thought.
But I was restless,
searching blindly for something
to fill an empty place
I didn't even know I had,
dimly aware
that I was somehow unfinished.
Then you came,
and filled everything,
every space, every need,
even secret dreams
I had concealed from myself.
I was self sufficient,
and restless;
Now I am profoundly peaceful
and complete,
because of you.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prayer song my friend Saj and I worked on...

As a child of God, I prayed to you to give me
One who'd hold me tight, when storms blew,
As a child of God, I trusted you whole heartedly
The dreams I treasured just grew and grew

Chorus: You came into my life,
As a stranger, innocent as a dove…
Took over My whole life
And opened the doors of love…

As a child of God, I knew you were right
In sending Faby to, to calm all the strife
As a child of God, I am grateful for the sight
That today I am his WIFE. ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I relied on you
Through all the hazy days and nights
As a child of God, I hope for brighter hues
Overcoming all the hateful plights ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I ask how good be sifted
Remove the thorns from every rose
As a child of God, I learn and am lifted
That no matter what "just repose" ---Chorus---

Friday, April 25, 2008

Missing someone you love ...

Is there a way to tell you I love you,
Is there a way to tell you I care,
Is there a way to show you I miss you,
Is what I think in despair,

But soon the day shall grace our hearts,
When I'll hold you in my arms,
After we've spent these days apart,
And my eyes will spin yarns,

I had dreamt of the unknown,
Feared being alone and lost,
But now I know my stars have shone,
When I have you to call my own ....

Your presence means the world to me,
Your laughter brings a smile to my face,
Your words turn around my tears to glee,
Your love from heart can never erase ....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hindi Poem I wrote for a Friend's Mom ( Teacher )

Aaj itne saalon ke baad
Mujhe woh har pal hai yaad
Nanhi si muskurahatein sath mere
Hasi khushi se jo baatein kare

Unke kal ke sapney meri aankhon me
Din raat yun aise badhe
Kal ko woh mujhe bhool bhi jaaye
Par meri seekhen unhe yaad rahe

Zindagi me har pal jhoojhte hue
Har muskhil ka saamna bekhauf kare
Apne har manzil ko paakar
Duniya me apna naam banaakar

Itni si khwaish rahi hai meri
Hamesha yehi chaahat sunaheri
Har paudhe ko yun seecha jaaye
Ho dhoop ya chaya woh khilta hi jaaye ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Angel I met on the Train...

I wonder what makes her little brain tick,
Wiping her chocolate face with a stained kerchief,
She looks at me and smiles,
The smile of an innocently mischievous child,
Looks on in wonder at everyone around,
Trying to imagine how they sound,
With love in her eyes and questions on her lips,
She dazzles each one with her antics,
When someone teases her, she squeals with delight,
Nodding her pretty little head tight,
As someone leaves she waves goodbye,
Then looks on at the pretty blue sky,
She's touched many lives today,
And will more till one day,
In this world so bitter and cold,
Another child will touch Her heart & soul !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poem I wrote for my Mom's Birthday

Every year I make these promises,
That I don't remember to keep,
Every year you grow a year older,
And my words become a heap.

All I ever want u to remember,
Be it the sand or the snow,
Is I love you forever more,
And miss you where ever I go .

You've been a charm all the years through,
Been beside me no matter what ,
I hold each memory close,
Even the ones I'd rather not :)

Things have never been just right for us,
We've had our share of ups and downs,
Through every night we brought the day,
And turned into smiles some of the frowns.

Wish as I may I can only hope,
Since I'm far away now and all grown up too,
That I make you proud and shine abright,
And become a lil like you.

To bring a twinkle to your eyes,
And a smile to your sweet face,
To bring you some of the happiness,
That sets your heart ablaze .

You mean the world to me mom,
And again I pray today,
That all you hold close make you glad,
And laughter lights your way.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

For My Anniversary...

I don't know if I deserve,
The love you shower on me,
I just know if I could never find,
One who is more kind than thee.

I know now as I knew then,
That your love is my highest reward,
The moments I spend with you,
Are blessings to me from God.

Every day I find myself,
Cherishing you more and more,
Praying the laughter, smiles and joys,
Keep showering on us galore.

I try in words time and again,
To express my love and gratitude,
I'm yours forever, right by your side,
In the deepest depth or highest cloud.

This day in time I give a toast,
To a successful married year,
To shining joys and loving ways,
And all the memories we hold dear.

Here's hoping for similar years,
To bring even better days our way,
For our love to hold us through,
Every bright, dark or shining day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Few lines for a Birthday -

May the day bring promise for the days to come,
And revive sweet memories of those already done;
May it bring happy tidings from far and near,
And bring you close to all you hold dear.
May you remember it every day till the next one arrives,
In a rush of color and confectionery, cheers and smiles!

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