Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poem I wrote for my Mom's Birthday

Every year I make these promises,
That I don't remember to keep,
Every year you grow a year older,
And my words become a heap.

All I ever want u to remember,
Be it the sand or the snow,
Is I love you forever more,
And miss you where ever I go .

You've been a charm all the years through,
Been beside me no matter what ,
I hold each memory close,
Even the ones I'd rather not :)

Things have never been just right for us,
We've had our share of ups and downs,
Through every night we brought the day,
And turned into smiles some of the frowns.

Wish as I may I can only hope,
Since I'm far away now and all grown up too,
That I make you proud and shine abright,
And become a lil like you.

To bring a twinkle to your eyes,
And a smile to your sweet face,
To bring you some of the happiness,
That sets your heart ablaze .

You mean the world to me mom,
And again I pray today,
That all you hold close make you glad,
And laughter lights your way.....

1 comment:

nABEELA ;) said...

awwwww.... :(( so sweet... i miss my mom so much too ... ;(

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