Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alive or Asleep : Wake UP !!

If seeing is to believe,
How can we ignore,
The world is falling part,
Street by rotting street ...

There are those young and lost,
Walking on paths of fire and blood,
Pointless, thoughtless, morbid motives,
The ruthless leading the cloaked ...

Ruining all that stands in their way,
Destroying hopes and faiths,
After the clouds settle down,
All that's left are ashes ...

The rest are blind,
To everything not right,
No action is taken,
And that too is a choice ...

Words are bandied about,
Funny, frustrated, infuriated,
Finding faults with all in sight,
Empathy gets masked in doubt ...

Hurricanes of ignorance,
Earthquakes of hatred,
Volcanoes of violence,
Bring destruction through wars ...

What is one to do, we ask ,
Besides living our idyllic lives,
Maybe more acceptance of different,
Strong intolerance for the injustice ...

Communication with open minds,
Lighting one candle at a time,
Rain of fires put out by flames of love,
Bringing peace back into our hearts ...

If only it were that easy,
To practice religion and morality,
Two pillars that are now unsteady,
In our faithless,failing society ...

For there is no God or Reason,
That makes killing another true,
Lines becoming so hazy,
In this world already so divided by dialects ...

A prayer escapes my lips each days,
As I see images that leave me dispirited,
For all those lives alive and asleep,
May you wake up in a better world tomorrow,
Or may This life be an awakening dream ...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Candlelight Dinners ...

To any eye that gandered,
It was clear as tears,
In a vortex of sensations,
They were oblivious to peers.

Looking across at her radiance,
He once again ponders,
Why in this way,
This heart thunders.

Why was it,
her gaze so sweet,
Turned his cold heart,
Into a sahara washed with sleet.

Her twinkling eyes,
Shone in contest with his,
Each smile on his lips,
Brought more to hers.

Conversation flowed,
From melancholic to amorous,
Remembrances of times gone by,
And questions yet unanswered.

The candle between them,
Burned with their passion,
Their fingers touched lightly,
With the promise of devotion.

Thus enveloped in their love,
Absorbed within an blissful blaze,
Gathering heartfelt cheers from a few,
And longing looks that wished a way into
this wondrous maze.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Har lamha, har din ...

Har lamha yeh sochta hai dil,
Gumsum pal woh anjaane se aaye aur chale gaye,
Itni khushi hai ab zindagi me,
Lagta hai yun ansoon mere tere raston ko
dhundkar muskaan ban gaye ...

Ab har din teri muskurahaton ke daman me guzre,
Tere aangan se haseen palon ka karvaan guzre,
Teri ankhon se chamak yuhin bikhare,
Dua yahi rahe humare sapnon ke mahal se kabhi na
koi tufaan guzre ...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seesaw of Life !!

Oscillating between joy and sorrow,
A new life for every life in the balance,
Celebrations of extreme happiness,
And then moments that leave you hollow ...

A cloud of gray hovering in blue skies,
Silver linings defining the reasons,
Of the existence of tears,
From the ashes anew arise ...

Afflictions make us stronger,
Making us skillful sailors,
Navigating through volatile seas,
Bringing us to our happily ever after ...

Whatever the rationalization,
The truth remains,
Each day is a trial of sorts,
Each a pearl in a string of zillion ...

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