Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rationalizing My Birthday Glee ... :D

The smiles, the tears,
The lessons, the fears,
The love, the friendships,
The new, the hardships,
All wrapped into a a day to reminisce and rejoice !
To be thankful to God and hear His Voice.
In every day miracles, caring of people close,
In fond memories that time has froze,
In the beautiful sights,
Beyond all divides ...

This is not just another day,
It's a milestone in life's way..
Marking the journey ,
That one We are on daily.
Changing the mundane into cheer,
Wishes from all those far and near,
Gifts of love, gifts of kind,
Endowments of blessings divine,
Bringing sweetness in all fashions,
A vivid rainbow of emotions.

Elation grows as the day grows,
With the anticipation that flow,
Another year of fresh memories & hope,
Novel,exciting challenges to cope,
Another year to grow,
new wishes to sow,
Another chance,
To hum to life's intricate motif,
With a little panache, a little mischief ...

With all that these 24 hours bring,
Isn't it natural to leap with a zing,
To be glad just to be alive,
For all that we have and for which we strive,
Through our travels through time and space,
Our Life , in our own ways commemorate ...

1 comment:

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was lovely!Such days make us look back and smile to know how far we have come :)

Belated Happy Birthday!

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