Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Matters not ...

Kneel down or fold your hands,
Five times a day or talk to God on your own,
Wear a wedding band or some vermilion,
Celebrate a festival or have a party,
Burst a few crackers or dance a while,
Take a blessing or take heartfelt wishes,
Live traditionally or make your own way,
Matters not in the end,
Be truthful, be good, be kind,
Believe in a bright hope & the divine,
Respect all around you & the goodness in each heart,
Cherish all that saves us from falling apart ...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Now that you've gone ...

Are you here around me,
Holding me as I sway?
Your memories a part of me,
Turning my nights into day ...

Were we ever together,
or was it all a mirage?
A few seconds or was it years,
It seems just a beautiful facade ...

Now you're gone & I'm still here,
Making sense of days flown away,
Touching all that's left behind,
Fearing d solitary moments on my way ...

But I won't let you down,
Will brave them all with heartfelt smiles,
So in time when we meet again,
I'll have more tales to amuse you with;
as we walk across the skies ...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Them and or US !

They see things differently,
But are we any better,
Is it so bad,
not reading or writing a letter?

Everyone is unique,
A reason to exist for us all,
They why is it that we can't
Get over our self built walls?

When we run and hide,
Behind fear or prejudice,
Is it for them or us,
On distance we exist?

They overcome barriers each day,
Each step forward is a miracle,
Then in actuality isn't it true,
It is US that are ignorant?

Empathy above sympathy,
A pinch of patience n love,
Wouldn't it just be easier,
To just accept all that come from above ?

Dedicated to all those suffering from disabilities like autism, dyslexia ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A memory remembered ...

Lost in time n space,
All I need is a loving embrace,
To know that I matter,
In one way or another...

The need to live,
To mean rather than exist,
A safe haven that's just my own,
Feelings that will not disown...

Remember a word I said,
A few lines that I pen,
A gesture, an action that was just me,
Something that stands out in this faceless sea...

Living endlessly in a hopeful light,
Being the best that I can be each day,
Not a legend or a Name to be,
Just a kind or loving memory ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Promise of Presence

Tears fell down her face
Sitting on a lonely staircase
Thinking of her world falling apart
Of where she had gone wrong from the start
The moon then peeked thru the dark clouds
Lighting her with it's balmy beams
In came the winds gently making her shiver
And she felt a serene whisper
" Never fear, dear
I'll always be near
You will never be alone
Even if the world turns to stone . "

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