Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prayer song my friend Saj and I worked on...

As a child of God, I prayed to you to give me
One who'd hold me tight, when storms blew,
As a child of God, I trusted you whole heartedly
The dreams I treasured just grew and grew

Chorus: You came into my life,
As a stranger, innocent as a dove…
Took over My whole life
And opened the doors of love…

As a child of God, I knew you were right
In sending Faby to, to calm all the strife
As a child of God, I am grateful for the sight
That today I am his WIFE. ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I relied on you
Through all the hazy days and nights
As a child of God, I hope for brighter hues
Overcoming all the hateful plights ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I ask how good be sifted
Remove the thorns from every rose
As a child of God, I learn and am lifted
That no matter what "just repose" ---Chorus---

Friday, April 25, 2008

Missing someone you love ...

Is there a way to tell you I love you,
Is there a way to tell you I care,
Is there a way to show you I miss you,
Is what I think in despair,

But soon the day shall grace our hearts,
When I'll hold you in my arms,
After we've spent these days apart,
And my eyes will spin yarns,

I had dreamt of the unknown,
Feared being alone and lost,
But now I know my stars have shone,
When I have you to call my own ....

Your presence means the world to me,
Your laughter brings a smile to my face,
Your words turn around my tears to glee,
Your love from heart can never erase ....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hindi Poem I wrote for a Friend's Mom ( Teacher )

Aaj itne saalon ke baad
Mujhe woh har pal hai yaad
Nanhi si muskurahatein sath mere
Hasi khushi se jo baatein kare

Unke kal ke sapney meri aankhon me
Din raat yun aise badhe
Kal ko woh mujhe bhool bhi jaaye
Par meri seekhen unhe yaad rahe

Zindagi me har pal jhoojhte hue
Har muskhil ka saamna bekhauf kare
Apne har manzil ko paakar
Duniya me apna naam banaakar

Itni si khwaish rahi hai meri
Hamesha yehi chaahat sunaheri
Har paudhe ko yun seecha jaaye
Ho dhoop ya chaya woh khilta hi jaaye ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Angel I met on the Train...

I wonder what makes her little brain tick,
Wiping her chocolate face with a stained kerchief,
She looks at me and smiles,
The smile of an innocently mischievous child,
Looks on in wonder at everyone around,
Trying to imagine how they sound,
With love in her eyes and questions on her lips,
She dazzles each one with her antics,
When someone teases her, she squeals with delight,
Nodding her pretty little head tight,
As someone leaves she waves goodbye,
Then looks on at the pretty blue sky,
She's touched many lives today,
And will more till one day,
In this world so bitter and cold,
Another child will touch Her heart & soul !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poem I wrote for my Mom's Birthday

Every year I make these promises,
That I don't remember to keep,
Every year you grow a year older,
And my words become a heap.

All I ever want u to remember,
Be it the sand or the snow,
Is I love you forever more,
And miss you where ever I go .

You've been a charm all the years through,
Been beside me no matter what ,
I hold each memory close,
Even the ones I'd rather not :)

Things have never been just right for us,
We've had our share of ups and downs,
Through every night we brought the day,
And turned into smiles some of the frowns.

Wish as I may I can only hope,
Since I'm far away now and all grown up too,
That I make you proud and shine abright,
And become a lil like you.

To bring a twinkle to your eyes,
And a smile to your sweet face,
To bring you some of the happiness,
That sets your heart ablaze .

You mean the world to me mom,
And again I pray today,
That all you hold close make you glad,
And laughter lights your way.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

For My Anniversary...

I don't know if I deserve,
The love you shower on me,
I just know if I could never find,
One who is more kind than thee.

I know now as I knew then,
That your love is my highest reward,
The moments I spend with you,
Are blessings to me from God.

Every day I find myself,
Cherishing you more and more,
Praying the laughter, smiles and joys,
Keep showering on us galore.

I try in words time and again,
To express my love and gratitude,
I'm yours forever, right by your side,
In the deepest depth or highest cloud.

This day in time I give a toast,
To a successful married year,
To shining joys and loving ways,
And all the memories we hold dear.

Here's hoping for similar years,
To bring even better days our way,
For our love to hold us through,
Every bright, dark or shining day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Few lines for a Birthday -

May the day bring promise for the days to come,
And revive sweet memories of those already done;
May it bring happy tidings from far and near,
And bring you close to all you hold dear.
May you remember it every day till the next one arrives,
In a rush of color and confectionery, cheers and smiles!

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