Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alive or Asleep : Wake UP !!

If seeing is to believe,
How can we ignore,
The world is falling part,
Street by rotting street ...

There are those young and lost,
Walking on paths of fire and blood,
Pointless, thoughtless, morbid motives,
The ruthless leading the cloaked ...

Ruining all that stands in their way,
Destroying hopes and faiths,
After the clouds settle down,
All that's left are ashes ...

The rest are blind,
To everything not right,
No action is taken,
And that too is a choice ...

Words are bandied about,
Funny, frustrated, infuriated,
Finding faults with all in sight,
Empathy gets masked in doubt ...

Hurricanes of ignorance,
Earthquakes of hatred,
Volcanoes of violence,
Bring destruction through wars ...

What is one to do, we ask ,
Besides living our idyllic lives,
Maybe more acceptance of different,
Strong intolerance for the injustice ...

Communication with open minds,
Lighting one candle at a time,
Rain of fires put out by flames of love,
Bringing peace back into our hearts ...

If only it were that easy,
To practice religion and morality,
Two pillars that are now unsteady,
In our faithless,failing society ...

For there is no God or Reason,
That makes killing another true,
Lines becoming so hazy,
In this world already so divided by dialects ...

A prayer escapes my lips each days,
As I see images that leave me dispirited,
For all those lives alive and asleep,
May you wake up in a better world tomorrow,
Or may This life be an awakening dream ...


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so beautifully versed!I am so in sync with your thoughts :)

mohitparikh said...

based on Mumbai Terror Attack?

It was nice- the poem.

mohitparikh said...

based on Mumbai Terror Attack?

It was nice- the poem.

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