Monday, April 21, 2008

For My Anniversary...

I don't know if I deserve,
The love you shower on me,
I just know if I could never find,
One who is more kind than thee.

I know now as I knew then,
That your love is my highest reward,
The moments I spend with you,
Are blessings to me from God.

Every day I find myself,
Cherishing you more and more,
Praying the laughter, smiles and joys,
Keep showering on us galore.

I try in words time and again,
To express my love and gratitude,
I'm yours forever, right by your side,
In the deepest depth or highest cloud.

This day in time I give a toast,
To a successful married year,
To shining joys and loving ways,
And all the memories we hold dear.

Here's hoping for similar years,
To bring even better days our way,
For our love to hold us through,
Every bright, dark or shining day.

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