Monday, August 3, 2009


जिंदगी के सफर में रुकते हो चलते जाते हो,
किसी की दुनिया बनते हो ,
किसी को छुकर गुज़र जाते हो,
हर किनारा मंजिल तो नही होता,
हर मंजिल पर रास्ता ख़तम तो नही होता ...


चाहे भुला दे हम हर गम,
निशान पीछे छुट ही जाते हैं,
जैसे ही लगता है संभल गए हैं हम,
फिर ठोकर खाकर गिर जाते हैं ...


तुम्हे ना मिले कभी,
यह दुआ हम रोज़ करते हैं,
फिर सोचते हैं इन यादों से,
क्या हम ही दूर भागते हैं ?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Out of Sight ...

Words - aloud or unsaid,
To pacify pearls falling,
Or just some heartfelts,
Days spent together,
My savior were you,
The reason for my smiles,
My lifeline in storms unknown,
The celebrator of my joys,
My secret keeper,
And so was I yours,
Playing, Walking, Just sitting around,
An unseen camera clicked,
As we lived those magical moments,
Like an opera,
Growing to it's final crescendo ...

And as the curtains drew to a close,
So did our time together,
Distance comes now between us,
As priorities change with milestones,
Our amity losing momentum,
Like sand slipping through fingers,
All that's left are,
The pictures of perfect moments,
The echo of those final notes
When you and I were closer...

For my Friends, whom I miss truly, dearly ...
Why does out of sight eventually become, out of mind too ?? All it takes is a few words, to let someone know you are missed. Reach out .. to those who you cared for , long ago ...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Like That

For a Friend's Baby Shower

Little baby, don't be shy,
Mommy's going to soon say Hi !!!
Daddy's blessings will be showered on you galore
Their love you'll have more and more
May you make them proud and happy,
As you grow up into a man from a boy in nappy
They will bring you up with pampering and scolding,
But remember always, for them you are a cherished blessing !!!


Shayari -

Beetein hue palon ko lekar chalte hain hum,
Dosti aur pyaar ke guzare mausam ....
Khazaane humaare dil me lakhon hain aise ,
Un muskurahaton mein gum ho jaate hain saar gam ....

Inspired by a Friend's -


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Days ...

my life, my terms
a blank slate with chalk marks
like a road well trodden
with varied tire tracks
written n re written
every moment every day
different rides of a carnival
experiences flashing away
colors and feelings
rain on a parched field
leaving behind notches inscribed
an exceptional essence yield ...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memories & Desires !

Memories forever to keep,
Nudging one to smile or weep,
Those moments engraved deep,
Into our dreams flashes of desire creep...

Our darkest desires come forward,
A scene here or there altered,
From the morbid to the absurd,
Scorn unexpressed or amour treasured,
Talents yet to be pursued or ambitions blurred,
All weathered paths in daylight we leave unexplored ...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Thought

The Heart aches for wat shall never come to pass,
longing for what might have been and what never was ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Walking in the rain ...

Oh ! the blessed rain,
to wash away all the stains,
of yesterday, of fears and old pain ...

the drops fall down hitting hard,
soothing sounds, earthy smells, winds on their guard,
each magical sensation it's own reward ...

walking down the street,
in every way complete,
holding my own admitting no defeat ...

drenched to the core, but standing high,
these pleasures no one can deny,
to the cloudy days, I say goodbye ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Discovering love here ...

I don't know what love is
I don't know what I feel
Never knew much of happiness
Tears just wouldn't heal
Life seems empty and barren
Till I talk to you
Everything seems a lot brighter
For those moments few
Don't know what will be of tomorrow
Don't wanna remember my past
My present with you each day
Is what I want to last
Can feel you sitting beside me
No matter where I go
Can hear you every minute
Telling me what I need to know
If this is love, so be it
If this is love, so be it

I cannot promise happiness forever
Nor laughter every day
Can't say there will be roses
Every step of the way
But the simple truth remains
Whether the sky is grey or blue
I'll be standing right here
Coz I belong to you

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are you aware ??

Unsaid words,
Unexpressed feelings,
Unanswered questions,
Unexplained mysteries,
Unrequited love ...

I often wonder,
If you'll ever see the light,
The error of each blunder,
At least accepting within what's right

Will I ever have peace,
In the knowledge that you know,
Of why emotions changed or ceased,
All that time ago ...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I , Would you ?

If I cried, would you let me ?
Or would you tell me to smile instead ...

If I screamt, would you listen ?
Or would you wonder why I acted so ...

If I called, would you find me ?
Or would you close your ears and run ...

If I crashed, would you hold me?
Or would you pass me by ...

Often I find myself alone,
With only one thing to hold onto,
The hope of love,
The hope of you ...

If I waited, would you stay,
Or would you be moving further away ...

To believe ...

If I could believe, you'd be there,
Not a minute would I spare,

On worries or a needless care,
For those judgmental stares,

Time says you will go away,
Even if you want to stay,

In the end we are all just clay,
The murky waters lead us astray,

So hold my hand, walk with me,
You be you, I be me,

May together we always be,
If not now, then in destiny ...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women's Day !!!!

A Dedication to You - The Spectacular Woman!!
You are strong, you are kind,
You are simply and beautifully divine,
You bring love and laughter to those around you,
No matter what the pain,
you are willing to begin anew,
Your love surpasses any in history,
You hold within your heart,
The secrets to life's complicated mysteries,
You've walked on your journey all by yourself,
Growing every moment beyond your personal realm,
You achieve the impossible every step of the way,
Rejoicing each moment, be it night or day,
With a smile on your lips, and tears in your eyes,
Sporting the willingness to live, high above others you rise,
Fighting battles for your future and those for whom you care,
Holding onto your dreams against enemies who hopelessly dare,
To bring you down from your deserved throne,
The one which is No one's but your own,
Not just success but joy for all who touch you,
you desire,In your colorful ways you support and inspire ...
Belief in your perceptions, following the righteous path, failing no one,
You are an symbol of excellence, for you are That Woman ...
Know Today, You are That special and Deserve to be Happy today and always !!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Full Circle

Be it arrogance of youth,
Or the stubborness of age,
Life comes a full circle,
One way or another ...

One is full of young desires,
The other ; broken dreams lost,

One starry eyed, promises unknown,
The other tired of the dust of yesterday,

One is sure of a fresh beginning,
The other sure of errors made,

One is full of questions unanswered,
The other complete in reasons understood,

One finding their way stumbling along,
The other looking back at their journey,

And yet one way or other,
They come a full circle,
Youth wise by the lessons perceived,
Age filled with hope for tomorrow still ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Here ...

Restlessness abound,
Not in sight one sound,
The silence is deafening,
In the alien noise sickening,
Somehow I don't belong,
In the land in which I was born,
My place is in my world,
The one I unfurled,
Life is so uncertain,
No answer many a question,

Days and nights,
Miles apart,
With what futures,
We depart ...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sand ...

The wind blowing through
Hair flying with hazy footprints
The sand oozes through the fingers
Leaving behind nothing
A sensation though
Like a lingering touch
A loved one now far away
A smile remembered fondly
Thoughts of times gone by
Washing away with the unruly waves
Leaving behind nothing ...
But the promise of tomorrow
And another sunrise
More sand, more waves
And more memories to be made ...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mere Sathi

Zindagi me uthal puthal toh lagi rehti hain,
Har mod par gum ke badal toh ghire rehte hain,
Sath tera har safar ko aasaan banaaye,
Teri muskurahat har tufaan me kinara dikhaaye ...

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