Friday, August 29, 2008

In a Land of New Unknowns ...

Far from the place where I was born,
With a new home to call my own,
Fascinated with all things new,
Avenues so clean, the sky so blue.

Life here is so proper and prim,
Not a feature seems wrinkled grim,
Calmly everyone leads their own lives,
Sparkled with appliances, no comfort denied.

New experiences sprinkled around,
Where adventures at every turn can be found,
Laws are strict and rules are obeyed,
Things are sure different from where I've stayed.

But the roads are dark and lonely at night,
The quiet sure gives me a fright,
Familiar faces seem to be wary,
This misplaced mistrust is a query.

Compatriots pass by with their heads held low,
I wonder who they are, where they go,
Finding a friendly smile is a rare occasion,
Acquaintances are made only by association.

Often, I yearn for my old and playful life,
Filled with confidantes, music and delight,
Nothing is the same even there I'm sure,
Time has a way of turning things over.

Slowly yet surely, I'm finding my niche,
Seasons will change and I'll re discover bliss,
The one thing missing from a perfect existence,
A clique of friends to remove this social decadence.

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