Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prayer song my friend Saj and I worked on...

As a child of God, I prayed to you to give me
One who'd hold me tight, when storms blew,
As a child of God, I trusted you whole heartedly
The dreams I treasured just grew and grew

Chorus: You came into my life,
As a stranger, innocent as a dove…
Took over My whole life
And opened the doors of love…

As a child of God, I knew you were right
In sending Faby to, to calm all the strife
As a child of God, I am grateful for the sight
That today I am his WIFE. ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I relied on you
Through all the hazy days and nights
As a child of God, I hope for brighter hues
Overcoming all the hateful plights ---Chorus---

As a child of God, I ask how good be sifted
Remove the thorns from every rose
As a child of God, I learn and am lifted
That no matter what "just repose" ---Chorus---

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