Thursday, September 18, 2008

Magic of Dreams ....

Close your eyes take a ride,
Go beyond far and wide,
Troll the lands, take a leap,
Fly a while, go in deep...

For every thought that baffles your mind,
For every moment you cannot rewind,
Paint a canvas, change your world,
A few bold strokes, a mighty swirl ...

Where air is fire and sea is land,
No lost time, no urgent demands,
Only you, your thoughts, visions galore,
Venting fears and a few smiles more ...

Imagine tomorrow, make all wrongs right,
Believe in wishes with all your might,
For this is your cosmos, a journey of stars,
Reality means nothing, there are no wars ...

It's all yours to do what you will,
Turn and twist every little thrill ,
Find ways out for troubles that linger,
Pain goes away at the snap of a finger ...

A twitch, a fall, a random act,
All makes sense in this creation abstract,
You get lost, you find a way,
Blazing through the haze come what may ...

This universe exists for a few hours,
Like a parallel world which grants you all power,
Till dawn breaks and left only is a faint scent,
With renewed promise, into a fresh day you ascent ...

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