Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magical Moments

Is magic out there ?
Sure it is .
Not just in ghosts n witches,
Or myths or superstitions .
But in the tiny seconds
When Your heart skips a beat
In the smile of a child
Vistas of the world
A dew drop on a petal
An oasis in a desert
A twinkling smile
Two hearts beating as one
A gentle touch, a strong shoulder
A vivid rainbow, of colors or feelings
Words unsaid that mean much more
Answers found by a lost soul
All sights to behold
Till there are moments
That touch our very core
There is magic all around ...
For what we don't know for sure
We let our imaginations run wild
Hoping against hope of the truth or falsity
And there will possibilities divine
Of miscellaneous adventures to unfold ...


Red Eyes said...

This feels like magical's been put together in the most magical way. More scares and magic!
Take care

Priya said...

Those moments can be like butterflies in the stomach and even before you realize, you are lost in love.

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