Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Matters not ...

Kneel down or fold your hands,
Five times a day or talk to God on your own,
Wear a wedding band or some vermilion,
Celebrate a festival or have a party,
Burst a few crackers or dance a while,
Take a blessing or take heartfelt wishes,
Live traditionally or make your own way,
Matters not in the end,
Be truthful, be good, be kind,
Believe in a bright hope & the divine,
Respect all around you & the goodness in each heart,
Cherish all that saves us from falling apart ...


R.E.II said...

I like

agentbham said...

Beautiful poem, I wonder why people forget these basic values....is it the teaching at home, school, sheep mentality or a psychological epidemic which might become the cause of extinction of human race in the long run, a natural way of things in store for human race?

I think it is time we start rethinking and learn that differences with exist and come up with a way to coexist.

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