Thursday, August 28, 2008

For my Friend on Her Baby Shower

As we join to welcome this new addition,
Smilingly sending you off on your new mission.
Cute little fingers, cute little toes,
Will change you forever as the saying goes.
You'll be amazed at the joys abound,
Oohing and Aahing at every little sound.
As days pass by you will sigh,
Teaching your kid to say mom, dad, hello, hi.
Then one day you'll be trying very hard,
To get them to sit down and be smart.
Life will never be the same, but that's okay,
You'll build memories happy and gay.
With all the new tasks that you will face,
Your family will grow bonds that time can't erase.
Here's wishing you the best for all that and more,
As you pass through parenthood's door.
May you be blessed with all Life's miracles,
Patience, Wisdom, Strength needed to reach pinnacles.
New experiences does this new bundle of joy bring,
Adding love and laughter to everything ...

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