Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I , Would you ?

If I cried, would you let me ?
Or would you tell me to smile instead ...

If I screamt, would you listen ?
Or would you wonder why I acted so ...

If I called, would you find me ?
Or would you close your ears and run ...

If I crashed, would you hold me?
Or would you pass me by ...

Often I find myself alone,
With only one thing to hold onto,
The hope of love,
The hope of you ...

If I waited, would you stay,
Or would you be moving further away ...

To believe ...

If I could believe, you'd be there,
Not a minute would I spare,

On worries or a needless care,
For those judgmental stares,

Time says you will go away,
Even if you want to stay,

In the end we are all just clay,
The murky waters lead us astray,

So hold my hand, walk with me,
You be you, I be me,

May together we always be,
If not now, then in destiny ...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women's Day !!!!

A Dedication to You - The Spectacular Woman!!
You are strong, you are kind,
You are simply and beautifully divine,
You bring love and laughter to those around you,
No matter what the pain,
you are willing to begin anew,
Your love surpasses any in history,
You hold within your heart,
The secrets to life's complicated mysteries,
You've walked on your journey all by yourself,
Growing every moment beyond your personal realm,
You achieve the impossible every step of the way,
Rejoicing each moment, be it night or day,
With a smile on your lips, and tears in your eyes,
Sporting the willingness to live, high above others you rise,
Fighting battles for your future and those for whom you care,
Holding onto your dreams against enemies who hopelessly dare,
To bring you down from your deserved throne,
The one which is No one's but your own,
Not just success but joy for all who touch you,
you desire,In your colorful ways you support and inspire ...
Belief in your perceptions, following the righteous path, failing no one,
You are an symbol of excellence, for you are That Woman ...
Know Today, You are That special and Deserve to be Happy today and always !!!!

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