Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Angel I met on the Train...

I wonder what makes her little brain tick,
Wiping her chocolate face with a stained kerchief,
She looks at me and smiles,
The smile of an innocently mischievous child,
Looks on in wonder at everyone around,
Trying to imagine how they sound,
With love in her eyes and questions on her lips,
She dazzles each one with her antics,
When someone teases her, she squeals with delight,
Nodding her pretty little head tight,
As someone leaves she waves goodbye,
Then looks on at the pretty blue sky,
She's touched many lives today,
And will more till one day,
In this world so bitter and cold,
Another child will touch Her heart & soul !


cutestangel said...

awwww so cute I love angels!!
lovely description.

Scorp said...

This is good. Today only I came to know that you too have a poet inside. I love happy rhyming poems. I have seen so many of such children while travelling in trains, believe me this is my kind of poem, I think you have handpicked this and sent it to me :).

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