Sunday, November 16, 2008

Candlelight Dinners ...

To any eye that gandered,
It was clear as tears,
In a vortex of sensations,
They were oblivious to peers.

Looking across at her radiance,
He once again ponders,
Why in this way,
This heart thunders.

Why was it,
her gaze so sweet,
Turned his cold heart,
Into a sahara washed with sleet.

Her twinkling eyes,
Shone in contest with his,
Each smile on his lips,
Brought more to hers.

Conversation flowed,
From melancholic to amorous,
Remembrances of times gone by,
And questions yet unanswered.

The candle between them,
Burned with their passion,
Their fingers touched lightly,
With the promise of devotion.

Thus enveloped in their love,
Absorbed within an blissful blaze,
Gathering heartfelt cheers from a few,
And longing looks that wished a way into
this wondrous maze.


dreamy said...

wow!!! so beautiful!! i would kill for someone to feel that way @ me!!

Adisha said...

i'm sure that will happen some day soon :D

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