Friday, February 27, 2009

Full Circle

Be it arrogance of youth,
Or the stubborness of age,
Life comes a full circle,
One way or another ...

One is full of young desires,
The other ; broken dreams lost,

One starry eyed, promises unknown,
The other tired of the dust of yesterday,

One is sure of a fresh beginning,
The other sure of errors made,

One is full of questions unanswered,
The other complete in reasons understood,

One finding their way stumbling along,
The other looking back at their journey,

And yet one way or other,
They come a full circle,
Youth wise by the lessons perceived,
Age filled with hope for tomorrow still ...


Priya said...

Absolutely perfect with different stages of life and the journey filled or let go.

Aparna said...

very insightful poem

it really defined ur feelings

i loved all other poems of urs too

keep it up

Prakhar said...

brillianto! captured both beautifully!

अविनाश said...

so true life does comes full circle

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