Sunday, June 28, 2009

Out of Sight ...

Words - aloud or unsaid,
To pacify pearls falling,
Or just some heartfelts,
Days spent together,
My savior were you,
The reason for my smiles,
My lifeline in storms unknown,
The celebrator of my joys,
My secret keeper,
And so was I yours,
Playing, Walking, Just sitting around,
An unseen camera clicked,
As we lived those magical moments,
Like an opera,
Growing to it's final crescendo ...

And as the curtains drew to a close,
So did our time together,
Distance comes now between us,
As priorities change with milestones,
Our amity losing momentum,
Like sand slipping through fingers,
All that's left are,
The pictures of perfect moments,
The echo of those final notes
When you and I were closer...

For my Friends, whom I miss truly, dearly ...
Why does out of sight eventually become, out of mind too ?? All it takes is a few words, to let someone know you are missed. Reach out .. to those who you cared for , long ago ...


dreamy said...

wow *sigh*...that is all i can say....reading it made me miss all my dear ones too !

Anonymous said...

wow...a nice dedication to frnds :)

mis em all :(
ye sheher kinna khaali khaali hai :(

manorath said...

now this one made me cry!! thank you for letting me float back to my school days and be the boy that i was a few years back..

angel from heaven said...

Wow beautifully scripted.Full of emotion.

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